Importing data from a Excel file


The process illustrates how to import data from an Excel dataset by the help of the File Import operator. In the experiment the Zoo dataset is used, which was saved previously as an Excel file. In order to open the file that we would like to use, we need to know the path to this file which can be on the local computer or on a remote SAS server as well. This path can be assigned step by step by going through the directory tree.



The process of import can be parametrized in the File Import operator. We can set the maximal number of records, the maximal number of attributes. It is also possible to define the number of rows which determines the file structure.


A dataset which contains the imported data.

Figure 14.8. A small portion of the resulting dataset

A small portion of the resulting dataset

Interpretation of the results

Whenever we rerun the process the system will import the newest version of the dataset. Thus the File Import operator can be used to load such datasets and to rerun data mining processes based on them which are updated by operative systems. The import procedure works only for Excel 97-2003 files with xls extension.





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