Chapter 21. Association mining

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Extracting association rules

Extracting association rules


The process presents, in the case of Extended Bakery dataset, how can association rules be obtained from a transaction dataset. In transaction datasets, items from the possible ones are emphasized that are part of the transaction, rather than those that are lacking. In the Enterprise Miner™, such dataset must be defined as transaction dataset and it must include a ID variable and a Target target variables that must be nominal. The separate market baskets can be formed by ID variable. The association rule mining (also called market basket analysis) can be carried out by the Market Basket operator. First, the frequent itemsets are extracted, then, the significant association rules are discovered based on these itemsets.


Extended Bakery [Extended Bakery]


Applying the Market Basket operator on the dataset of 20000 records the following results are given.

Figure 21.1. List of items

List of items

Figure 21.2. The association rules as a function of the support and the reliability

The association rules as a function of the support and the reliability

Figure 21.3. Graph of lift values

Graph of lift values

Interpretation of the results

The significant association rules can be discovered on the basis of the frequent itemsets. We can select which criteria we would like to consider in order to find the appropriate rules. The defaults is the confidence level of the rules, but other criteria ​​can also be applied to filter the discovered association rules. Based on the established rules deeper conclusions can be drawn from the relationships between the data. To support this inference several tools can be applied, e.g. the table of the association rules where we may filter the relevant rules by choosing different evaluation metric like support, confidence or lift value.

Figure 21.4. List of association rules

List of association rules





frequent itemset
association rule
transaction data


Data Source
Market Basket